Soaper Delights 阿喜皂房 蚊蠓怕 驅蚊驅蠓膏 Bug Off Natural Insect Repellent (鋁盒裝)


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蚊蠓怕驅蚊驅蠓膏 純素配方(不含蜂蠟)






Bug Off Natural Insect Repellent (Vegan)

It contains moisturizing oils, shea butter & natural essential oils blend that bugs really don’t want to be around. Moisturize your skin while keeping the bugs away!

This repellent melts on skin and a little goes a long way. Simply apply on exposed body parts, then you are good to go. Re-apply every 2 hours if you’re outside for extended periods of time.

Caution: This product is scented with high percentage of natural essential oils, strong aroma may not suitable for pregnant, child, high blood pressure, G6PD difficiency.

Ingredients: Essential oils blend of (Organic Citronella, Fair Trade Lavender, Organic Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Tea tree & Organic Peppermint), Soybean oil, Candelilla wax, Sesame oil, Organic Neem oil, Fair trade Organic Shea butter & Vitamin E.

Volume: 15ml


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