Freshmade Organics 活膚再生美肌精華油 All In One Rejuvenate Beauty Serum Oil


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容量: 30ml


This squalene beauty oil is made from 100% natural olive plant extract.
It is a multi-function serum that soften, protect, renew, hydrate and detox skin.
Soften and protect the skin to prevent cell damage, which enables natural regeneration and moisturizing effect.
Easily absorb and penetrate deep into the skin to renew dead skin cell and effectively reduce fine lines and scars.
Helps accelerate metabolism and detox harmful substances such as heavy metals from the body for healthier skin.

apply 3-4 drops onto face & neck and massage to absorb after cleanse & tone

Ingredients: organic squalene oil (plant-based)

Non-greasy, suitable for all skin type

No animal testing, No toxic chemicals, No Preservatives

Volume: 30ml

Used within 9 months after opened


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