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rePETe: 限制空氣流動並鎖住水分/適合南瓜、西蘭花、胡蘿蔔和芹菜等水分密集的蔬菜/冷藏食物等
Natural Fibers: 吸收過量水分並限制空氣流動/適合穀物,堅果等散裝食品
rePETe Mesh: 網面保持濕度及空氣流動, 避免蔬果自然釋放的催熟劑困於袋中 (延長水果保存期)/適合蘋果、橙、洋蔥和薯仔等蔬果


包括: 迷你 rePETe 1個; 迷你 Natural Fibers 1個; 迷你 rePETe Mesh 1個; 收藏袋仔1個
物料: 袋身: rePETe/ rePETe Mesh – rePETe (100%以回收舊膠樽製成) Natural Fibers -有機棉麻混紡; 索繩: rePETe (100%以回收舊膠樽製成)
尺寸: 買餸袋 闊約 23cm x 長約 23cm
重量: Natural Fibers 20g; Mesh 13g; RePETe 15g; 收藏袋仔15g
保養說明: 凍水清洗及自然風乾

Product Features:

rePETe:Restricts airflow and locks in moisture/Ideal for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery and other water dense vegetables
Natural Fibers: Absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow/Ideal for grains, nuts and other bulk food items
rePETe Mesh: Maintain optimal humidity and airflow, the mesh front allows nature’s ripening agent to escape/Ideal for apples, oranges, onions and potatoes
Bags rolls up and store in Pear Pouch when not in use for convenient storage
Made from durable, machine washable materials

Product Specifications:

Mini rePETe x 1; Mini Natural Fibers x 1; Mini rePETe Mesh x 1; Pear Pouch x 1
Materials: Fabric: rePETe/rePETe Mesh – rePETe (made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) Natural Fibers – Organic Cotton-Hemp Blend; Cording: rePETe (made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles)
Dimensions: Produce Bag approx. 23cm (W) x approx. 23cm (L)
Weight: Natural Fibers 20g; Mesh 13g; RePETe 15g; Pear Pouch 15g
Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang to dry


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