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  • 採用Pyrex玻璃
  • 透明、穩定、耐高溫、耐酸性,不易發生化學作用釋放出有毒物質
  • 適用各種凍熱飲品
  • 兩款飲管 (粗幼各一)
  • 另附毛刷,方便清洗(大細各一)
  • 台灣製造


物料 尺寸 重量 耐熱度
幼飲管 Pyrex耐熱玻璃 /外徑:6 / 8 mm

長度:20 cm

58g 230ºC
粗飲管 Pyrex耐熱玻璃 /外徑:10.9 /14 mm

長度:20 cm

細毛刷 尼龍、不銹鋼線 刷毛直徑:約 7 mm

長度:21 cm

大毛刷 尼龍、不銹鋼線 刷毛直徑:約 12 mm

長度:21 cm

小切刀 PS (Polystyrene) 聚苯乙烯 寬度:10 mm 85ºC
攜帶盒 PP (Polypropylene) 聚丙烯 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 21 cm 120ºC


  • 大部分珍珠奶茶的外賣杯多是以塑膠封膜,玻璃飲管為安全考慮,沒有做鋒利的斜切口以致無法刺穿塑膠封膜,所以套裝包含小切刀方便使用,不過小切刀過於「渺小」,使用後請立即放回盒內,才能確保「重複」使用
  • 正常使用下Pyrex耐熱玻璃相當安全,可是經重摔、丟擲、重複敲擊後是會破裂的,所以請小心使用


Product Features:

  • Made of Pyrex Glass
  • Transparent, stable, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, chemically inert
  • Applicable to all kinds of cold or hot drinks
  • Two sizes of straw (normal and wide)
  • Accompanied with two sizes of brush for cleansing the straw (large and small)
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Specifications:

Material Dimension Weight Heat resistance
Normal Straw Pyrex Inner Diameter: 6 mm

Outer Diameter:  8 mm

Length: 20 cm

58g 230ºC
Wide Straw Pyrex Inner Diameter: 10.9 mm

Outer Diameter: 14 mm

Length: 20 cm

Small Brush Nylon, Stainless Steel Diameter: approx.  7 mm

Length: 21 cm

Large Brush Nylon, Stainless Steel Diameter: approx. 12 mm

Length: 21 cm

Mini Knife PS (Polystyrene)


Width: 10 mm 85ºC
Case PP (Polypropylene)


2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 21 cm 120ºC

Care Instruction:

  • Most of the take away cup used for bubble tea is sealed by a plastic film, due to safety considerations, the glass straw do not provide sharp end such that it cannot be used to puncture the plastic seal, so that the straw set contains a mini knife for such purpose. As the mini knife is very tiny,  please be reminded to place back into the case after use
  • For normal use,  Pyrex heat-resistant glass is quite safe but it will be broken if falling or throwing  down, or by repeated rapping, therefore please handle with care



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